Valuable Amazon products and services

Amazon offers an ever-growing portfolio of valuable services and trusted products. The list of its valuable offerings is very long which is as follows;

  • Amazon Marketplace. Amazon’s e-commerce platform enables third-party retailers to display and sell their products alongside Amazon items.
  • Amazon Fresh. Amazon’s grocery pickup and delivery service is currently available in about two dozen U.S. cities and a few international locations. Groceries can be ordered through the Amazon Fresh website or through the Amazon mobile app. Customers can either have their groceries delivered or go to the store for pickup.
  • Amazon Wine. Launched in 2007, Amazon Vine helps manufacturers and publishers get reviews of their products to help shoppers make informed purchases.
  • Woot was Acquired by Amazon in 2010, Woot offers limited-time offers and special deals that rotate daily. The shop carries refurbished items as well as new items with limited stock. Prime members get free shipping as promised.
  • Zappos. Amazon bought Zappos in 2009. This online retailer of shoes and clothing carries a wide range of brands, including Nike, Sperry, Adidas, and Uggs.
  • Merch by Amazon. This on-demand T-shirt printing service enables sellers to create and upload their T-shirt designs for free and earn royalties on each sale. Amazon does the rest — from printing the T-shirts to delivering them to customers
  • Amazon Handmade. This platform enables artisans to sell handcrafted products to customers around the world.
  • Amazon Kindle. Amazon’s first e-reader, Kindle, enables users to browse, buy and read e-books, magazines, and newspapers from the Kindle Store.
  • Amazon Fire tablet. Previously known as Kindle Fire, Amazon’s popular and high-profile Fire tablet competes with Apple’s iPad.
  • Amazon Fire TV. This line of Amazon’s streaming media players and digital devices delivers streamed video content over the internet to a paired high-definition television.
  • Amazon Alexa. This cloud-based, AI-powered, voice-controlled personal assistant is designed to answer queries, interact with users, and perform other tasks and commands.
  • Amazon Echo. This is one of Amazon’s smart home devices that comes equipped with a speaker and connects to Alexa. Amazon Echo can perform several functions, including talking about the weather, creating shopping lists, and controlling other smart products, such as lights, switches, and televisions.
  • Amazon Echo Dot. A smaller, puck-shaped version of the original Amazon Echo, an Echo Dot can be placed in any room and can answer questions, play music, and read news and other stories.
  • Amazon Echo Show. As part of the Amazon Echo line of speakers, the Amazon Echo Show works similarly through Alexa but also offers a 7-inch touchscreen display to play videos and music and conduct video calls with other Echo users.
  • Amazon Astro. This is Amazon’s first home monitoring robot that works with Alexa. It is designed to help with various household tasks, such as home monitoring, caring for the elderly through notifications and alerts, and following owners from room to room to play TV shows, music or podcasts.